Introducing our new flagship dac, the Everest Dac!

Apart from its extraordinary sound quality, we have made it asthetically looks stunning, a great piece of art.

The whole thing is milled from a solid billet of aluminium alloy which not only resist any external vibration but also avoid all unwanted external EMI/RFI.

And yes, it plays everything, from your tradition CD player/transport, computer files and the most wanted network streaming too.

With our ultra precise discrete dac technology, you can enjoy your PCM reproduction from a highly refined 24-bit R-2R ladder dac.

The Everest will also play 1-bit DSD material using the internal pure native 1-bit discrete dac as well.

Analog output is performed by a pair of pure silver wired output transformer which will give you a direct, refined and mind blowing listening experience.

Like all digital systems, a decent clock is mandatory, our Femto clock installed inside provide clean and non polluted digital reproduction.






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